Trailer and Poster for Bollywood’s Aatma



It’s great how South Asian films are catching up on the trend of vengeful spirits and demons along with their Eastern neighbor and what’s even better is that they’ve managed to avoid the use of musical numbers in most of their horror films. Don’t get me wrong but I really enjoy Hindi films and have been watching it ever since I figured how to use the TV remote; but musical numbers in horror films? Does not really mix well for me. We already have High School Musical for that! (I kid! Maybe…)

Think I’m making this up? You can check out this trailer.

Putting that aside, Aatma (Spirit) is Bollywood’s latest supernatural horror about a mother who needs to keep her daughter safe from her dead and seemingly loving father. The film was directed by Suparn Verma, stars Bipasha Basu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui and was released last March 22 in Indian local theaters.

Maya is a grief-stricken and divorced widow, who takes on a bigger role to care for her daughter, Niya. They both currently live with her parents and Niya is unaware that her dear father, Abhay is dead. Knowing that her daughter is sensitive and adores her father, Maya refrains from telling Niya that her father is now more. But things start to go bizarre when Niya’s bully classmate, Paras ends up killed after mistreating Niya. The same thing happens to Niya’s teacher, Mrs. Sharma. Along with this, Niya begins to “talk” to her father and Maya becomes concerned over the change in her behavior and the sudden apparitions of her husband.

You can check out the trailer for Aatma below!



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