Trailer for Indonesia’s Belenggu

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Trailer for Indonesias BelengguWhat is it with bunny-related characters and plots in horror films these days? Is it still Easter? And most importantly, why the crap are they making cute and fluffy herbivores into gore-loving carnivores?! Do let me know and comment it below. Haha!

Jokes aside, hailing from Indonesia comes Belenggu (Shackle) an atmospheric psychological thriller about a bartender, Elang. He lives in an apartment and is constantly pestered by haunting nightmares of bizarre murders, a pretty lady, a neighboring housewife and her daughter and a psycho killer wearing (you might have guessed) a friggin’ rabbit costume. Accompanying this is the talk of a crazy murderer in town making locals suspicious of each other; Elang immediately connects this to his dreams.

His efforts to solve the mystery and save the lives of the people he presumed in danger, has in turn trapped him in a downward spiral and he became a suspect himself. In proving his innocence, he will be forced to unveil a horrible and long-buried secret.

The film is directed by writer-director Sartri Dania “Upi” Sulfiati and stars Abimana Aryasatya, Laudya Cintya Bella and Imelda Therinne.

Upi’s film was screened last year at the Pucheon Internation Fantastic Film Fest in South Korea and it is scheduled to show sometime this month at the 2013 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.
Check our the trailer below Trailer for Indonesias Belenggu

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