Trailer for Thailand’s Thongsuk 13



Revenge films.

Everyone just loves to see the supposedly weak character exact their revenge on their good-for-nothing bullies. Admit it! You love that teeth-grinding feeling you get when you see them die one by one for their so-called “sense of superiority” and in the end, you'd go “Who's laughing now, bitch.” I'm getting carried away.

From the country reputable for its impressive use of torture porn, Thongsuk 13 (a.k.a. Long Weekend) will effectively bully our mentality and conscious state of mind with supernatural vengeance, back-bending women and the face that only a mother could really love. The film is directed by Taweewat Wantha and stars Chinnawut Indracusin, Cheeranat Yusanon, Acharanat Ariyaritwikol, Busarin Yokpraipan, Gitlapat Garasutraiwan and Sean Jindachot.

The film revolves around Thongsuk, a young man who has the mentality child… a young man whose life has been made a misery through daily bullying by a specific group of students at school. When the holidays arrive, those who have made Thongsuk’s life a misery prepare to go back home for the holidays.

Thongsuk believes this is his chance, his chance for revenge by scaring the bullies as they make their way home but the bullies soon drag Thongsuk out of hiding and lock him away in a cold dark abandoned room. Revenge can come in the most unexpected way. For Thongsuk, Friday 13th — the day the spirits are set free to wreak havoc on the living — is that day.

Now this takes revenge films to a whole new level. In the literal sense, most films of this sub-genre either decide to pick up a machete or an abnormally large kitchen knife or come back with booby traps that would make Papa Jigsaw proud.

But using THE Friday the 13th along with possibly Samhain's flexible female minions and a hell-bent demonic spirit as “tools” just throws the ball way past the fence. Since it was just released last January, we non-Thai speaking viewers have nothing much to do but wait. As such, check out the trailer below!


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