First Details for the Horror Anthology Voices from the Grave

Chris Savage

For you guys today, we have scored the first details for Richard Stoudt and Laurence C. Holloway’s upcoming supernatural anthology flick, Voices from the Grave. Now as much as I absolutely adore anthology films, the past few years have been a bit hit and miss. I freakin’s loved Chillerama, but V/H/S didn’t really do it for me, and I’m still yet to see The ABCs of Death, but judging from quite a few of you, its best to leave it.

So how will this one be received? Well, below we have scored a little promo video to give you guys a taste of whats to come, as well as all the details. Head on down below and see if this one shows potential?

The film stars David Nelson, Michael Hanelin, Chris Labadie, Scarlett O’Neil, Maryam Cne, Michelle Green, Bobby Shook, James Leatherman, Sean Ryan McBride, Brandon Thomas, Sarah Masters, and Corey Henderson.

SynopsisFrom Filmmakers Richard Stoudt and Laurence C. Holloway comes a terrifying film experience called “Voices from the Grave”. Three tales of terror, including one story adapted from the work of master horror writer Gary Brandner author of “The Howling”, to make your flesh creep and your heart race!

Deadly spirits, back from the grave with vengeance in mind give fuel to these tales of supernatural horror.

“Invitation” based on a short story by Gary Brandner, tells the creepy tale of Len Krager, a life loser who attends a party he’ll never forget! “All Hallows’ Eve” is an exercise in suspense and atmosphere set on an eventful Halloween night. Robert Mundy is bitter since the accidental death of his brother on Halloween night. This Halloween night will be different as a vengeful ghost will seek retribution. Ghostly road hazards endanger a young used car owner in the turbo-charged yarn “Re-Possessed”, a spine tingling ‘vehicle’ for absolute fright. Jeff purchases a killer car for a killer deal……not knowing the car wants his body and soul!

For more information, hit up their official Facebook page.

Voices from the Grave


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