Is Jurassic Park 4 On Hold? UPDATED!

Jason McDonald

UPDATE: 12:30 Am California time.  Status of reporter: Tired. 

For the original story, continue down below.  Right now here’s what we know about the current JP4 situation.  A Jurassic Park 4 fan site is reporting to have an exclusive insight into what’s going on with JP4.  According to them, a source close to the production revealed that the film is not on hold because of script issues, but because of creative differences.

Apparently an impasse was reached with some of the creative minds behind JP4 and Universal thought it was better to part ways with them.  This led to a number of production crew members being let go.  Director Colin Trevorrow is still attached to the film, however, the project is on hold while replacements are found for those who were dismissed.

Keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed or denied officially by Universal, so take this new information with a grain of salt for now.  Stay tuned for more!



Ah, say it ain’t so Universal!  Just when it looked like things were starting to get hot and heavy with the production of Universal Studio’s Jurassic Park 4, someone went and threw cold water on it.

The fine folks at AICN  made a heartbreaking discovery today.  A few people tied to the production of Jurassic Park 4 took to Twitter to lament over the fact that JP4 had been put on hold.  Which is curious because there had been no official word regarding the project.

The first indication that something was amiss came from a crew member who Tweeted that the project had been “put on hold.”  Then another individual who had been involved in the pre-production of the film chimed in to say “Goodbye JP4.”  I’m not including the names or the tweets of the individuals who sent out these messages, but you can easily find them on AICN.

So what went wrong? Why did the project suddenly lose steam?  Some indications are that the script was in trouble and that production needed to be put on hold so that it could be given the attention it needed.  Perhaps the release date of June 13, 2014 was just too soon and Universal decided to rework their schedule.

With news this big though, Universal won’t remain quiet for long and we should be getting an answer sometime today.  Stay tuned!

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