Is the Poltergeist Reboot a Sequel?

Chris Savage

poltergeist-thumb-550x362-26192Just yesterday we had some details surface regarding certain plot points in the planned reboot of Poltergeist, which may open up a new chapter. But, could the planned reboot actually be some sort of sequel?

Well, the guys over at MovieHole scored some juicy details.

Gil Kenan’s version of Poltergeist is said to exist in the same world as the original film, and while it will be a reboot of the franchise, the film will also be a sort of sequel which is set after the Freeling’s were ran out of town.

As per the site;

Although the new film may possess new characters and somewhat of a different storyline, all the ‘familiar beats’ from the original “Poltergeist” films are in it. There’s the scary tree that proves a looming threat to our youngster (and gets pulled underground), the freaky ‘clown’ that sits upon a rocking chair in the bedroom (in this case, the clown sits in younger brother Griffin’s room), and of course there’s ‘phone’ trouble (in this case, older sister Kendra’s iPhone gets damaged by unseen forces), and of course the little girl – Madison – who makes friends with ‘The Lost People’ that nobody can see (but who don’t mind ‘showing off’ – making Madison’s hair stand up like she’s just been struck by electricity, being just one of their ‘tricks’).

To give subtle hints back to the original film, the reboot/sequel is said to feature some possessions left behind by the Freelings in the attic of the new family, such as Star Wars bed-sheets, Christmas decorations and of course, a black and white TV.

The new version is as follows;

Eric Bowen and his family who, after he loses his job, relocate to a new town to start anew. His daughter, Madison, is abducted, making him truly understand what’s important in life: family. In the new version, Eric’s wife, Amy, can communicate with the dead.
Another interesting new character is Carrigan Burke, a television personality who hosts “Haunted House Cleaners.”” The supernatural doesn’t scare this guy. Dr. Brooke Powell is Carrigan’s ex-wife who is a parapsychologist at a local university. Her team investigates the supernatural events surrounding the disappearance of the Bowen girl.

By doing a sort of reboot/sequel, it appears as if they’re trying to appeal to the fans, while Kenan is giving a new spin, it also follows on from previous events as to not alienate the fans of the original. Will it work? Who knows, and is this even true? Your guess is as good as mine. Either way, we are getting more Poltergeist in the near future and hopefully they do it justice.


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      1. Gershom May 22, 2013 at 11:16 am

        Having the possessions left by the original family still be there (and hopefully play a major role in the scares in this version too) would be a really nice homage! 😀 Actually looking forward to seeing this, if the premise and synopsis proves to be executed well enough!

        • Chris Savage May 22, 2013 at 2:27 pm

          Me too! As much as I like to hate on remakes, there is a part of me that just has to check them out, and if there is a homage to the original material, then, I’m totally there. Thanks for commenting.