Short Film Review: Allure


allureAllure is a 4 minute stop-motion animation film that focuses its sights on these strange, but sort of cute, Moguai looking creatures who are attracted to something on the other side of a very busy street. This dangerous road would mean the end of most of these creatures that dare to cross it, however, the allure is simply too strong to deny, so cross it they must.

Being part of Stage 5 TV’s series ‘The Continuum’, which offers independent filmmakers a platform to bring creative ideas to a wide audience, Christopher Kezelos’ Allure asks its viewers one simple question: “why did the creature cross the road?” Then, using some impressive stop-motion animation, Kezelos proceeds to answer this question with results that might come as a bit of a shock to some.

Allure is filled with some impressive design ideas and gorgeous lighting. Unfortunately, however, there isn’t really all that much I can say about it as a whole except that it’s sort of entertaining. While it looks really nice and everything is brilliantly crafted, there’s simply nothing memorable about this one.

Admittedly, I had pretty high expectations for Allure, as I am familiar with one of creator Christopher Kezelos’ other shorts, Zero. In fact, I actually reviewed Zero some years back over at Strange Kids Club, and it is absolutely fantastic and one that I can only highly recommend.

Anyway, while Allure didn’t capture my heart in a way that I expected, it’s worth a look as it blows by quickly, and I think many people will still get a kick out of it, even if I really didn’t.

2.5 / 5 stars     


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