The Peter Cushing Scrapbook [Book Review]

Chris Savage

I will always remember when I was just a young lad, I’d be sat down watching these films on the television and I was just so fascinated, so fixated with these characters and their lives. I was engulfed by the horror. While other people looked up to say superheros like Superman and the like, I was drawn into this world where Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster was my heroes. Yes, bizarre as it may sound, but they were so unique, there was a mystery to them. And while I would watch for hours at these characters on my screen, I found myself more fascinated by the men behind the characters.

Who where these guys? Well, you know them well, two of my favorites are Christopher Lee and the late Peter Cushing, they both embodied these characters and gave us striking performances time after time, one that would last a lifetime, and I’m sure you cherish these memories as much as I do.

Now, as fans we crave for more, we want to know about these actors and while I think I am pretty clued up, I really haven’t scratched the surface. Peter Cushing was obviously a talented actor, but did you also know he was a very talented artist, painter and sculptor? I didn’t, but I have quickly became fascinated in his works and the wonderful folks over at Peveril Publishing, author Wayne Kinsey and designer Steve Kirkham have returned once again, and they have unleashed the most extensive book ever in regards to Peter Cushing and his works as an artist.

Here we have The Peter Cushing Scrapbook, and let me tell you, this is about as in-depth as you’re likely to find. If you’re a fan of Peter Cushing, you need this book in your life. We are given an insight into Peter Cushing’s private life . A life filled with glorious paintings, models and sketches, which gives us a different side to the man we have seen on the screen over the years.

The book is filled with rare and unseen pieces of art, documents and personal letters and everything is so beautifully crafted together.  It truly is a breathtaking book which will leave you fixated for hours. As stated before, the detail in this is second to none, but if you’re familiar with Kinsey and Kirkham’s previous work, then you know what to expect.

The book comes in at just over 320 pages, and each page is thoroughly thought out and each turn gives you a different perspective into Peter Cushing’s life. I can’t stress this enough, this is a must have for any self-respecting fan of the late Peter Cushing.

As well as personal drawings and letters, the book is filled with rare posters and rare material from a couple of unfilled Hammer films, and just to witness this is a joy in itself. So, with Peter Cushing’s 100th birthday on the horizon this May 26th, now is the time to celebrate his life and what a way to do it. As a fan of Cushing, I am overjoyed by the work that has gone into this book and the folks over at Peveril Publishing should be very proud of themselves, they have served the master well.

If you would like to pre-order your copy for £35 + P&P , make your way over to their official website and get your hands on one of the most detailed Peter Cushing books every released.

Peter Cushing

5 / 5 stars     


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