The Reunion Looks for Help on Kickstarter

Jason McDonald

Here’s an interesting dilemma. Imagine that you poured everything you had into making a movie, but due to financial reasons, you fell short and had to compromise.  Do you think you could live with that and leave things be? Or do you go back and try again?

Director Jeff Stewart knows what he’d do, because…well..he’s doing it right now.

Way back in 2011 we told you about a new zombie movie called The Reunion.  I can’t tell you how many zombie movies we hear about every year, but this one stood out because of it’s rather unique premise.

The story revolves around Braxton and Ben, two childhood friends who end up in the drug trade. When Ben is sent to jail, Braxton decides to call it quits and become an honest businessman. Ben is released early and is threatening to destroy everything Braxton has built. With no choice, Braxton enacts a plan to “deal” with his former friend and business partner, but before he can take action all hell breaks loose. Now the former friends must work together to stay alive against an onslaught of the undead.

The movie came and went, but Jeff Stewart never forgot about it.  While he was proud of the movie that he and his team created, it wasn’t exactly what he imagined.  Financial restraints and other issues prevented him from creating the big climactic ending that he had envisioned.

Now with the advent of crowdfunding services like Kickstarter, Jeff sees a way of going back and making the film that he always imagined.  The project is looking to raise $25,000 in hopes of creating the grand finale that was originally intended: “…A chase throughout the city of Trenton, NJ ( where General Washington crossed the Delaware) and concluded on the iconic “Trenton Makes” bridge with a horde of ravenous zombies.”  The money would also be used to help in other areas of post production.

If you’re interested in helping The Reunion, you can visit their Kickstarter page right here.  For a small indie film, they have quite a few interesting reward items available that avid movie fans would enjoy.  Plus, I really appreciate it when a Kickstarter offers up the movie at a reasonable price.  In this case a $20 contribution gets you a DVD of the film.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a project offer the DVD for upwards of $50, it’s insane!

Check out the trailer below to see what the film looks like and be sure to visit their Kickstarter page even if only just to learn more about the project.


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