Children Do Battle With Zombies in ’19’

Chris Savage

QED InternationalSome may say the zombie genre has become over saturated and to be fair, I am one of them. But, with the genre being so unique and vast, we should never jump to conclusions as we have just received word of a new zombie flick which takes the sub-genre in a totally different direction.

According to Deadline, QED International‘s Bill Block has made a pre-emptive acquisition of 19, a film that involves zombies, but takes that genre in a new direction, in that everybody over the age of 19 turns into a walking corpse. That leaves a civilized world to be run by kids.

The pitch is said to be written by Jim Agnew & Sean Keller, and the intention is to turn the project into a trilogy.

Jeff Chan has been attached to direct the project after he gained attention with his Call of Duty short film (see below).

While it is still too early to make any judgement’s, I’m rather excited with the films premise. What do you guys think? Hit up the comments below.


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      1. Matty Perron July 1, 2013 at 2:00 am

        Cool, there aren’t enough prominent kids in horror these days. However I don’t see how this can really go anywhere unless the focus is these kids figuring out how to stop the change.. and really I can’t take teenaged chemists finding a cure for zombies seriously.

      2. Phil July 1, 2013 at 3:41 am

        This sounds very cool if it is done correctly. If it is just another “run around and survive” zombie movie/show I don’t think it will last. Hopefully they will really explore the situation, for example kids will have to have kids. I mean not too long ago, 100 years, kids got married earlier and average life expectancy was 50. Life was quicker so marriage, kids, etc… happened quicker to ensure the continuation of the species. How fast will this process be with, in affect, a worldwide death sentence at 19? How are the parents & kids going to handle turning at a predetermined age? Are they put in a corral, do/can the kids kill them, are they just allowed to wander off? Will killing your parents become a Rite of Passage ritual. How will society continue. Will 14 & 15 year old kids be in government or positions of power? Would there be a government? 16 year old cops? I think the premise is extremely unique and would allow a talented writer(s) to really explore alot of social issues while keeping the zombie genre as a backdrop. It would, I think be very interesting if the story is picked up a few hundred years after the zombie catalyst so we can see the rituals and mythology that have evolved from children explaining to children what is happening and their rational. I think it would be an insight into our culture with a great setting if written well.

      3. Vee July 1, 2013 at 5:02 am

        This movie must be taking some serious inspiration from a Japanese movie called “Stacy” where every girl over the age of 14 turns into… A zombie. It would make sense to change this so that it doesn’t revolve around Japan’s fixation with young teenage girls, but to borrow so heavily from such a premise still makes me think this guy needs to rewrite his summary. Also, as anyone knows even on the brink of All End kids are going to want to shake the snake inside the love tunnel, meaning more chow for the zombies via copulation. The movie is going to slide right into obscurity I’m sure.

      4. Mike New July 1, 2013 at 9:24 am

        Like Lord of the flies with zombies. There are no rules! Put your shirt on! Ok, there is one rule!