First Poster & Trailers for The Deadly Strands

Chris Savage

What have our Asian friends got for us this time around? Well, how about a possessed wig? it kinda reminds me of something straight out of The Simpsons, where Homer, gets a hair transplant from the then executed Snake, only to find that the hair contains the spirit of Snake. While this one may not lend the same comedy aspects, it’s still definitely hairy!

Still, if you’re familiar with the works of our Asian friends, you will know that the killer wig angle is fairly popular with films such as Exte: Hair Extensions and The Wig.

The film is directed by Zhao Xiaoxi and stars Leon Dai, Zak Zhai, and Kong Qianqian.

SynopsisA radio talk show host and his family fall on troubled and terror-filled times when the ghost of his suicidal ex-wife finds a mysterious way to seek revenge on her cheating husband and find vindication with the children from his previous marriage. One by one strange accidents begin to occur, and bodies begin to pile up. The only common denominator between the deaths? The talk show host, his daughter, and a long beautiful wig.

If you happen to be in China, this one opens this July 5th.

The Deadly Strands


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