Rob Zombie is Bringing a Haunted Attraction to Los Angeles

Jason McDonald

Rob Zombie is no stranger to the Halloween haunted attraction business.  His film “House of a 1000 Corpses” has been featured at Universal Studios Hollywood on several occasions as an intensely fun haunted attraction.  Now the rocker-turned-director is setting his sights on an even bigger vision for Halloween with Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare.

Not content with simply being featured at a major Halloween attraction, Rob Zombie has set out to create his own Halloween extravaganza which will feature three haunted house attractions and plenty of live bands.  The Great American Nightmare will take place from October 10th to November 2nd at the L.A. County Fairplex in Pomona, CA.

Helping Zombie bring the three mazes to life is Steve Kopelman, a seasoned expert on haunted attractions.  Together the two will create three mazes based around some of Zombie’s recent projects.  They include: “Lords of Salem Total Blackout”, “Haunt of 1000 Corpses”, and “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto 3D”.

Their official website gives a brief description of each maze, here’s what we know so far.  “Lords of Salem Total Blackout” is designed to twist the mind.  It will accentuate some senses while limiting others.  Fear of the dark, claustrophobia, and fear of the unknown will be preyed on as the visitor attempts to traverse this sixty-degree maze.

“Haunt of 1000 Corpses” will pay homage to the 10-year anniversary of the exploitation horror film “House of a 1000 Corpses.”  This extreme traditional haunted house will take visitors on a walking journey through a recreation of the film’s “Museum of Monsters and Madmen” along with an expanded “Murder Ride,” confronting notorious serial killers along the way.  This high impact, highly detailed attraction will use state of the art animatronics, video effects, costuming, sound, scents, and lights.

“The Haunted World of El Superbeasto 3D” will utilize Chromadepth glasses to take the patron right into the middle of the irreverent world of Rob Zombie’s “El Superbeasto” animated exploitation musical horror comedy film based on the comic book series of the same name.  The attraction’s unique surprise entrance, brilliant colors, sudden chills and startling thrills, and salacious humor will make one scream with fright and laughter.

The event will also host a pretty impressive list of musicians playing every night.  Ranging from groups like Kottonmouth Kings to Goldfinger to Andrew W.K. who will perform on Halloween night.

For more information on the event, be sure to visit their official website.  Tickets go on sale June 29th.


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      1. Tiago June 18, 2013 at 8:38 pm

        Sonds like fun, but man, rob zombie has ego issues….