The Purge Wins Big At The Box Office

Herner Klenthur

The PurgeThe Purge may have gotten less than stellar reviews from critics but that has not stopped it from making the filmmakers a  healthy return on investment after just 2 days at the box office.

With final Saturday numbers not even in yet the film has taken in 18.2million.

18.2 Million may not seem like a huge number but when you consider the film’s budget was less than $3million that means that the studio and the producers have made 6 times their investment back in just under 2 days. Who are the ingenious producers behind the film? None other than fan favorite ( note sarcasm ) Michael Bay and his partner in crime Brad Fuller.

Horror fans love to give Michael Bay no end of sh*t but you can not deny that the man is a genius when it comes to spinning box office gold.

In an era where horror films have bigger budgets Michael Bay has struck gold by investing in lesser known but talented directors and turning out movies that mainstream horror fans eat right up and in some cases even us old cynics.

More importantly Michael Bay and his crew seem to risk just enough money to get the movies made and guarantee that even if the movie does get horrible reviews it will get a return at the box office.

Had The Purge had a monster $50million budget it would have been a serious gamble. No doubt word of mouth is spreading on Facebook that ‘The Purge is Crap’. We have seen it on our own Facebook page all weekend and combine that with word of mouth and The Purge has a very short life left at the box office.

But when all you need is 1 week to earn a profit it’s simply put… genius.

How much money have Michael Bay’s movies made at the box office? As director and producer combined it has been 2.3 billion according to Box Office Mojo so haters be damned I think he gets the last laugh.

As far as what critics and fans are saying Ash who writes for our site doesn’t exactly give it a glowing review. He writes;

It’s high on concept and low on content. The final 10 minutes is so completely bonkers that it does elevate the film everso slightly, but by that point you really have given up all hope. There’s a good film hiding in there somewhere but with plot holes galore, pointless scenes chucked in for no clear reason and an absence of real quality, The Purge is a missed opportunity. In a world where remakes are dominating the horror genre, it is a real shame that a film with an innovative idea forgot to have fun with it.

Madalynn one of our readers shares her own views on the film writing ;

I saw the flick. You can see every move coming. The family is so stupid that you start to cheer for the bad guys. One min they love the purge then they think its bad, then they like it again, then bad, and on and on. And the way that the bad guys get in the house makes you want to purge yourself for wasting your time watching this movie. Its all over the board bad.

Lastly a non horror perspective comes from our very good friends at ScreenRant;

Despite ending on a strange note, and containing some cliched horror movie characters and tropes, The Purge is an easily commendable film to those who like the short, sweet, and cathartic violent enjoyment of a solid thriller – and/or those who enjoy entertaining movies that also leave you with something to think about. Those looking for a good horrormovie might not get the “scares” they want – but tension they will enjoy in earnest, along with a few good laughs at those

“I’m going in the basement alone” moments in the script. All in all, a solid bit of work from Mr. DeMonaco.…Whom we should all thank when real-life “Purge Clubs” start showing up in neighborhoods nationwide.

Did you see the Purge? I did not but regardless of what others are saying I am going to try to go today because at the end of the day we all have different tastes. I am a huge fan of Ethan Hawke and the concept seems solid so I am willing to gamble $13 to see it.


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      1. Jewell Tillman June 10, 2013 at 8:58 am

        While Ethan Hawke ruled the overall box office, he was also on top of the specialty marketplace too. His expanding indie hit Before Midnight was the top-grossing limited release film with an estimated $585,000 from 52 locations for a solid $11,250 average. With $1.5M, the Sony Classics title will go nationwide on Friday hoping to be an indie alternative to the next wave of summer tentpoles.

      2. Mike New June 11, 2013 at 7:52 am

        I hope Ethan Hawke continues to do horror movies.

      3. Destiny Anderson June 12, 2013 at 4:22 am

        I LOVE the movie, The Purge!!! I just seen it today n it was absolutely “GREAT” it was the BOMB n I’m really glad I seen it n I definately wanna see it again… loved it, loved it, loved it <3