Walking Dead Marathon, Season 4 Sneak Peak!

Herner Klenthur

lori walking dead season 4

The Walking Dead will have a marathon over the July 4th weekend for the American Holiday and as part of that marathon AMC will give a massive sneak peek at Walking Dead Season 4.

The Walking Dead marathon will start on July 4th at 1pm EST and will run for the entire weekend. On July 4th AMC will air Season 1, on July 5th Season 2 and on July 6th and 7th Season 3 of The Walking Dead Will air. For fans of Night of the Living Dead AMC will air Season 1 in black and white in a tribute to the master on July 4th.

This Marathon is a move by AMC to generate more buzz for the upcoming 4th season of Walking Dead and make a few extra bucks off ad revenue from their original series. Some fans may rightly be asking why on earth you would want to tune in to watch it again on AMC when you can catch it on Netflix or simply watch it on DVD / Blu-Ray.

AMC are no fools and will not only be showing all three seasons but will also be interlacing over the four-day marathon a ton of on set interviews from Season 4 as well as showing off the first footage from Walking Dead Season 4.

If you want your first look at Walking Dead Season 4 then the four-day Marathon on AMC is a pretty good reason to tune in to the marathon.

The Walking Dead marathon will be hosted by comic book champion and genre favorite Kevin Smith.


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