A look back at The Chronicle’s of Riddick – Escape from Butcher Bay

Adam Knehans

Butcherbay1As we are fast approaching the next instalment in the Chronicle’s of Riddick I thought I might talk about the “origin” game as it were, Escape from Butcher Bay.  Originally released in 2004 for Xbox and PC Escape from Butcher Bay is set before Pitch Black where Riddick is being delivered to Butcher Bay by Johns, the same bounty hunter from the film.  Vin Diesel both voice acted and motion captured for the game that in turn created what felt like a true Riddick story.

You see Vin Diesel is a big nerd, no seriously he is.  Apart from founding Tigon Studios to create 2 Chronicle’s of Riddick games (Escape from Butcher Bay and it’s sequel Assault on Dark Athena) he is an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and even wrote the forward for Thirty Years of Adventure: A celebration of Dungeons & Dragons.  So he wasn’t messing about when me made Escape from Butcher Bay.

The game is part first person shooter and part stealth game and succeeds competently with both in turn making the player feel like a bit of a badass.  As the title suggests the game focuses on Riddick escaping Butcher Bay but unlike the prison world in the film The Chronicle’s of Riddick the environment and prisoners in Butcher Bay feel somewhat more realistic.  The first thing fans for the franchise will notice as the game boots up is that Riddick is without his trade make eye “shine”.

In 2007 the game was released again as a bonus on Assault on Dark Athena in HD and can be found for PS3, XBOX 360 and for PC at Good Old Games (the Steam release is no longer available).  While the game is feeling its age a little it is still a solid title and worth tracking down.


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