Fear Clinic: The Movie Needs You!

Chris Savage

Fear Clinc the Movie PosterHow many of you guys checked out the original series Fear Clinic over at FEARnet? Well, judging by the viewing figures of over five million, it appears many of you did, and why not? The series was great, and it’s easy to see why it has become the most watched web-series in FEARnet history!

So, how would you like to be a part of something truly awesome? Well, Fear Clinic is becoming a feature film and yes, the film will see Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, and Angelina Armani return in the feature film.

But, in order to make the film the best it can possibly be, they’re reaching out to the fans to make the film a reality via IndieGoGo. The thing about IndieGoGo is, if they don’t meet their target they still get the funding, and you the supporter will still get your perk. It’s a win-win situation.

Let me just tell you, the perks are freakin’ awesome, and I just know they will create an awesome film, so if you agree go check out their IndieGoGo page and see how you can help. If not, at least spread the word and let’s get this film funded for us, the horror fans.

Plot details are slim, but they’re as follows;

Patients suffering phobias undergo radical therapy in the FEAR CHAMBER that animates their worst fears in the form of terrifying hallucinations.

Robert Green Hall (Lightning Bug, Laid to Rest, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II) is serving as director on the movie, and I for one loved Laid to Rest, so to see him work with the likes of these guys is off the hook!


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