Is Pacific Rim Worth Seeing? Reader Reaction!

Herner Klenthur

Pacific Rim 4

I am honestly still on the Fence as to whether I should go and see Pacific Rim. From day one it has looked like a cross over of Transformers meets Godzilla and yes I am aware that a whole bunch of you just gasped and screamed ‘how dare you’.

Yep I compared Pacific Rim to Transformers. So shoot me!

The bigger question is whether this is just a huge CGI monster fest or whether the film has heart and is worth seeing. I have not seen it yet but two of our talented writers have. Flay Otters reviewed Pacific Rim saying;

So here’s the thing. There is probably a segment of the general movie-going public that would see and/or hear about Pacific Rim and decide it isn’t really for them. Giant robots, giant monsters, Guillermo del Toro directing, epic summer blockbuster etc etc. I guess that’s okay. I mean, to each their own. But for the rest of the general public, there is no reason not to get your backsides out to see it as soon as you possibly can. Now, my worry here is that, even that we’re only in July, there might be a bit of big-ass-movie-fatigue setting in.

Iron Man, Star Trek, Lone Ranger, Man Of Steel, World War Z, After Earth, White House Down, Before Earth, White House Up…eh, you get the idea. There have been a mess of them and more to come. But just because there has been a herd of ‘tentpole’ movies (some of which might’ve disappointed you in one way or other) so far, is no reason to second-guess on going to see Pacific Rim.

Because it is freaking awesome.  – Read his entire Pacific Rim review

Jason McDonald another fine writer on our site also saw Pacific Rim writing;

I’ve grown to accept that trying to persuade the masses of the internet is like to trying push back a tidal wave. It’s a futile goal.  However, that being said, I’d like to preface this review with a simple request: Don’t make up your mind before seeing the final product.  And really, this has to go both ways.  When the first trailer for “Pacific Rim” was released, I saw way too many people instantly deciding that this was either the worst movie ever or the best.

Very few people ever say “This movie does/doesn’t align with my tastes.  I am/am not interested in seeing it.”   And, despite what my grandma may say, I’m not a perfect saint. I struggle with this urge to jump to conclusions as well.  However, It pays to keep an open mind about things, you’ll find that your world experience will be greatly enhanced.

But you didn’t come here to get a lesson in internet mannerisms, you want to know how rad it is when a robot hits a giant monster in the face. The answer? Totally rad. – Read his Entire review!

Both our writers gave the film 4 and 4.5 out of 5 respectably which is very high honors from two very picky film goers. Will this change your mind on seeing it? Did you already see it? Take a second and vote below and you tell us whether Pacific Rim is worth seeing or not.

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      1. Midnite Marauder July 14, 2013 at 3:58 am

        No question, Pacific Rim is def worth seeing. I saw it twice already, and I’ve yet to hear a fellow movie patron actually dismiss the movie in a negative way or say that they didn’t like it. I don’t know what percentage of people would actually enjoy a movie focused around colossal mechanized robots fighting against gigantic hybrid-like monstrosities from another dimension — but I know that I sure did! You don’t necessarily have to be a geek, fanboy, or adolescent teen to enjoy this particular movie. There is a certain genuineness and likability throughout the feature, as it was intended to pay homage to older monster movies from the 50s/60s. Additionally there’s plenty of fun, action, thrills, mayhem, destruction, suspense, campiness, and light-hearted humor to keep you engaged and entertained throughout. Do yourself a favor and catch a viewing to see it. That’s simply my advice though.

      2. Midnite Marauder July 14, 2013 at 1:41 pm

        Meant to say geekiness, not campiness. My bad.

      3. Ress EZ July 14, 2013 at 3:41 pm

        Up till the moment I stepped into the cinema yesterday, I wasn’t paying much attention to Pacific Rim. All of its trailers didn’t attract me one bit. I’m not a fanboy if that says anything. I went to watch it because I liked the idea of Guillermo del Toro directed a summer tentpole movie. It sounded bizarre. At the end of the day, I only have myself to blame for not putting this movie at the top of my must-watch list. I regretted it greatly! I came to understand why del Toro wrote and directed it. Pacific Rim felt like a big Hollywood blockbuster on the outside. On the inside, it was a totally different experience. A very, very, VERY good one too! I was cheering in amazement and on the edge of my seat like a little boy throughout its running time. del Toro did a marvellous job in bringing out our inner child. To me, that is quite an achievement and I assure YOU FANBOYS will experience the same thing if you guys decide to watch this movie! So don’t waste anymore time and go watch it right now! It is no secret it’ll not make huge money in the opening week. However we can give this movie a much needed leg so that it can reach at least $250m domestically when it ends its run at the theaters. Pacific Rim deserves that much gross!

      4. Miguel July 15, 2013 at 12:35 am

        Pacific Rim was BAD ASS!!! If you haven’t seen it yet you should! It’s one of those movies that would be great at home to see but just AWESOME on the Big Screen!

      5. Jeff Carson July 15, 2013 at 1:10 pm

        Saw it yesterday in 3D at the IMAX, one word, AWESOME! When I first saw the trailer I was like ugh, looks to much like Transformers, which I didn’t care for at all, but Guillermo del Toro can do no wrong in my book so decided to go. Anyway, it’s far from being like Transformers. A lot of fun with amazing special effects!