The Crying Dead Hits DVD This September – Trailer Inside

Chris Savage

HThe Crying Dead DVDere we have yet another found footage flick which takes us into the supernatural side of things, and well, we have probably seen it done many times before, but there is still a little bit in me saying that it may surprise us. Although, I’m not holding my breath. Anyway, the film is entitled The Crying Dead, and it is set for a DVD release this September 17th, and we have the official artwork and trailer for you guys to check out.

From the Press Release:

Production on The Crying Dead, directed by Hunter G. Williams and co-written by Williams and Scott Michael Campbell, wrapped in 2012 outside of Los Angeles, California. This horror title focuses on six filmmakers who hope to make it big in the paranormal reality show market. Instead, they find the surprise of their lives!

Since completion, the film has undergone several edits and enhancements to heighten its many ghostly thrills. And now Viva Pictures, along with Busted Knuckle Productions, announces that The Crying Dead will release on DVD September 17, 2013.

The Crying Dead involves paranormal research in a haunted psychiatric hospital. In 2008 six filmmakers break into and search the abandoned Ettersburgh Psychiatric Hospital for signs of ghosts. Pressure from the studio demands an exciting show, and this film crew will go to any lengths and to any depths to find evidence of ghostly visits. The spirits of three young girls who were murdered in this hospital wait for them in the bowels of this derelict building. During the first night, vague apparitions became violent hauntings. Chris (Chris Hayes), Jeff (Jeff Stearns), Becka (Becka Adams), Angelina (Angelina Lyubomirova), Callie (Callie Cameron), and Andrew (Andrew Olson) will have to battle with these spirits, and each other, if they are to escape this hellish location.

For fans of supernatural thrillers here are the release details for The Crying Dead: The film’s DVD artwork focuses on the three girls who haunt the film crew as well as showing one of the dark halls of the Ettersburgh Hospital. The official trailer for the release shows many of the practical effects from the film. In addition to a DVD release through online retailers including Amazon (pre-order yours from the EvilShop below), The Crying Dead will also be available on VOD and at Redbox kiosks in September.


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