Ubisoft CEO Rejects the Idea of a ZombiU Sequel

Jason McDonald

For Wii U owners complaining about the lack of games on the system, their future game library just got slightly smaller.   It’s no secret that the Wii U system has had a slow start and this, among other things, has made video game publishers reevaluate the way they are supporting the system.  One of the exectuives speaking out is Yves Guillemot, Chairman and CEO of Ubisoft, who spoke with Gameindustry.biz about Ubisoft’s future attitude towards the underperforming Wii U console.

One method of recouping losses is to scale back the console exclusives that were coming out for the Wii U.  This means titles like “Rayman Legends”, which were once solely coming to the Wii U, are now being regeared to be sold on other platforms.  Moves like this are the kind of decisions that inevitably create a few casualties.  Amongst them include the rumored sequel to ZombiU, the first-person zombie survival game that served as a launch game for the console.

Yves doesn’t mince words when it comes to why they decided not to move forward with a sequel.  Though the game was one of the “most profitable launch titles for the system with players, [it] was not profitable.  Not even close.  As such, there are no plans (or even desire) for a sequel.”

It’s a big loss for Wii U gamers already looking longingly towards the next wave of console exclusives.  However, don’t let this convince you that the Wii U is destined for the land of the undead as well.  If there’s one thing that you can bet on, it’s that Nintendo is a survivor.  And when it comes to zombie games, there’s always a new one right around the corner.  Inevitably, someone will fill the void left by Ubisoft.

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      1. Greg July 9, 2013 at 6:15 am

        Just rented this today. It’s the ONLY game for WiiU that I’ve enjoyed so far. They should at least consider making it for other platforms. I’d love a sequel.