World War Z Box Office Climbs to $366Million

Herner Klenthur

World War Z is a polarizing film with die hard fans of the book coming out against it and mainstream fans asking what the problem is. Overall the film has managed to find an audience in theaters having just crossed the $366million mark at the box office according to RENTRAK

World War Z had the biggest opening for an original live action movie since Avatar bringing in $118million in its opening weekend.

As far as fan reaction to World War Z Carl Lopez probably says it best when he writes to us saying;

I wonder just how many people went to the movie based on the title, expecting it to be just a little of the audiobook. To me, this was the classic “Bait and Switch” . You expect something (based on the title) and you get something less (a typical zombie movie). I was disappointed. This movie was ok, not great or fantastic but just ok.

Nick G has a different but just as equally valid view on World War Z writing to us saying;

I must start this comment with the statement that I have not had the pleasure of reading the Max Brooks book, so going into this film with no expectations outside of wanting to be entertained was definitely a plus for me. I thought he film was incredibly fun, action packed, very tense at times and played as the perfect summer popcorn film. I am definitely looking forward to a sequel should one pop up and urge those that have not yet seen this film to reserve judgment until you have the chance to judge for yourself.

I am not a person new to horror movies as I have been watching them since I was in diapers (as my family has told me on many occasions), so I think it is safe to say that I am pretty well versed in all types of horror films. This movie will do what it has set out to do. Entertain and thrill!

I give it a thumbs hope and hope that others give it a chance as it is the type of movie that was made for summer!

It is obvious to me if you loved the audio books then you are likely not going to be a huge fan of the World War Z movie. That said for those who have not read the book it seems to be finding its audience.

I think that the biggest problem with World War Z is that people do not seem to understand that Max Brooks literally had ZERO input into the film. The movie shares the name but unlike most book adaptations is and never claimed to be anything like the book.



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      1. Sam Hain July 8, 2013 at 10:40 pm

        If you want to see zombies but don’t want to sit through an R rated movie, watch AMC’s The Walking Dead. They show more zombie action than this horrible movie. I felt nothing for Pitt or his family because I knew since it was Pitt’s family neither they nor he were going to die. There were a few ideas from the book but I was very disappointed that they took the title and made an embarrassment out of it.

      2. adeline hoover July 9, 2013 at 9:04 am

        My daughter and I both loved it!
        I always go to a book-movie expecting that the movie version may or may not be similar or identical to its book version. I’m open to any interpretation. And, in this case, we were both pleasantly surprised at how entertaining the Pitt’s movie was! The theater was packed, but very quiet in suspenseful parts of the movie. It was thrilling without being bloody and gory.Just go see it and have fun!
        BTW, this is the first time I ever posted a comment on any movies. Can’t help it.

      3. Chris July 9, 2013 at 10:38 am

        The book was basically a series of short stories about the whole “Z War” from initial Patient Zero to the end so I was wondering how they would reduce it to a coherent film. So it uses the premise of the book to create the initial survival of areas and people and it wasn’t done too badly. There is sufficient stories in the original book for multiple sequals