Behind the Scenes Footage From Dead Snow: War of the Dead

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Behind the Scenes Footage From Dead Snow: War of the DeadToday some behind the scenes footage from the next Dead Snow film has surfaced online. It seems to have been floating around for awhile but hasn’t come to our attention until now.

Tommy Wirkola is back in the director seat once again and is hard at work making this film happen. It was rumored that it wasn’t going to be filming until 2014 for some time but it is now well under way and should be close to having the finishing touched being put on.

Synopsis: The sequel kicks off right where the first one ended. Martin, the last surviving member of the group of medical students that where attacked by nazi zombies, manages to fight off Herzog, their leader, and take off with his car. Exhausted, and drained for blood, Martin crashes his car, and wakes up at a hospital weeks later, strapped to his bed, now charged with the murder of his friends. To make matters worse, Martin realizes that the nazi zombies has not gone back to their hiding in the mountains, but have instead started building their army bigger, in order to invade the north of Norway yet again.At the same time The Zombie Squad, a professional gang of zombie killers fro m the US, are making their way across the Atlantic, in order to help fight back the pending zombie invasion. The table is set for yet another twisted, action-filled, sick and blood-soaked tale from the north of Norway, where the stakes, and body-count, will be higher than ever.

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