Blu Ray Art Revealed for The Beast Within


Scream Factory has just debuted the blu ray cover art for their upcoming release of The Beast Within. This cover uses the classic and memorable original 1982 theatrical poster art. Scream Factory haven’t announced any other details at the moment but we do know it will be released sometime in December. Until then enjoy the key art below.

Synopsis: The premise concerns a couple honeymooning in Mississippi. Caroline (Bibi Besch) is brutally raped by a hairy, sub-human monster and gives birth to a child named Michael (Paul Clemens), who appears normal until he hits his teens. At 17, Michael begins to feel strange, and his parents take him back to Mississippi to find out if his problems are related to Caroline’s long-ago rape. Once in Mississippi, Michael transforms into a ravenous insect-like creature that roams the countryside, disemboweling innocent victims and feasting on their torsos.


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      1. Midnite Marauder August 3, 2013 at 10:27 pm

        Pretty cool & gruesome B-horror flick from the 80’s, if not surprisingly weird, just based on the premise alone. =)