Darkman Blu Ray Art Revealed


Scream Factory has released the cover art for their upcoming blu ray of Sam Raimi’s Darkman. This cover is their first collaboration with Rue Morgue artist Ghoulish Gary Pullin. As usual the poster art will be on the reverse side. Right now we don’t have any specs or a solid release date. But we do know is should drop in time for Christmas. Check out the awesome artwork below.

Synopsis: When attorney Julie Hastings (Frances McDormand) uncovers corrupt city real estate dealings, evil thugs attack her scientist boyfriend, Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson). Left for dead after his lab is detonated, he miraculously survives when the ensuing blast hurls him into the nearby harbor. Treated as a John Doe at a city hospital, he is unknowingly submitted to radical therapy which numbs his nerves to feeling–but which heightens his strength and his emotions.

Once conscious, Peyton escapes from the hospital and builds a ramshackle lab in an abandoned industrial plant. Horribly burned and scarred by the lab explosion, he uses synthetic skin to impersonate his would-be murderers and seek retribution for their evil deeds. Peyton also tries to reunite with Julie, who believes him to be dead.



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