Dead Island 3 Most Likely Exists

Jason McDonald

The “Dead Island” series may have hit a bit of a rough patch with the release of “Dead Island: Riptide” earlier this year, but that hasn’t stopped Deep Silver from being optimistic about the future of their zombie franchise.

Yesterday we told you that Deep Silver was pursuing a MOBA based around the “Dead Island” series, a development that caught everyone by surprise.  Today’s news isn’t as a shocking, but it’s still exciting for fans of the franchise.  During a Reddit AMA Deep Silver Creative Director Guido Eickmeyer was asked if there would be a Dead Island part three, to which he replied: “I would not expect the series to stop at this point.”

At this point in development, Eickmeyer is obviously going to remain tight lipped about any sort of details.  However, he did let loose with a few more details.

A new generation of consoles should be a good point to consider some new, fresh gameplay. considering what we have in mind right now, i think porting the current titles to PS4 or Xbox One would not suit that well.

Local co-op? This is always such a nice one, being able to play with a friend at home is such fun. That said, we could not do that within the restrictions we had in the past – and for a potential future title, it comes down to if this is fun, considering the limited viewing range in split screen. still – we would love to have this one in.

The world of dead island is evolving and all (!) of our dead island games will be part of this world. Expect new takes on the story, new ways to tell the story – but everything will be linked together.

DayZ is inspirational and just a great game. That said, I do not see Dead Island moving into such a super-harcore direction. For future titles, you will find many elements being inspired from this title. Not confirming anything 😉 but I would say the survival motive is something in the focus for our upcoming Dead Island games.

IF there were to be another dead island… 😉 I would say that exploration in an open-world game is key to being fun.  Size is not the only answer here as not every gamer would like to have a DayZ-kind of experience, but you want to feel being part of a world, not a linear corridor of events.

To read more of Eickmeyer’s comments be sure to check out his Reddit AMA here.  Judging by what he revealed in the comments, it looks as if they’re deep into the planning stages of a third “Dead Island” game.  Perhaps at this upcoming Gamescom in Germany we’ll get some sort of official announcement from Deep Silver.  We already know that they’ll be there to discuss “Dead Island: Epidemic” so it’s entirely possible they might drop a teaser or logo reveal for “Dead Island 3.”



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