First Official Trailer & Poster for Roger Corman’s Hell’s Haunted Palace

Chris Savage

On the surface this sounds pretty intriguing and I was actually pretty pumped for the trailer, but damn, what is with all the CGI? Still, if you’re not fussed by the overuse of CGI then head on down below and check out the first official trailer for the Roger Corman-produced flick Hell’s Haunted Palace.

Despite my detest for CGI, I know it is here to stay and it can be used to enhance films and whatnot, so maybe this one does offer more but the trailer just doesn’t do it justice. I will give it the benefit of the doubt.

The film is directed byAntony Szeto and stars Katie Savoy, Catherine Siggins, Kerem Bursin, James Taku Leung, Drae Williamson, Juju Chan, Wang Wenjie, and Arran Hawkins.

SynopsisFollowing in the footsteps of her late fiancé, who drowned under mysterious circumstances, Rebecca (Katie Savoy) and her film crew are in China making a documentary about the Chinese Ghost Festival. There, she learns of a story about concubine Chan Ju Chi, who was violently murdered and thrown into a well by the head concubine Ping Wei (JuJu Chan) within the secret grounds of a palace. Legend has it that the Chan Ju Chi has risen to become a “jiangshi”, killing innocent people in the hope of taking over their bodies. Things take a turn when a worker is attacked in a decrepit well within an old palace. Rebecca tries to piece together the mystery behind the legend as one by one the people she knows are gruesomely murdered.

Hell's Haunted Palace


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