Gameplay Footage for Zombie Game Dying Light

Ryan Sternfels

There are very few zombie games I’ll play, mainly because there really aren’t many quality ones on the market.  I’ve played the ridiculously fun Left for Dead, the mildly disappointing sequel Left for Dead 2, Dead Rising made it so easy to kill zombies that the novelty quickly wore off and I rushed back to Blockbuster (who remembers Blockbuster?) to exchange it, Telltale’s The Walking Dead had a story and a level of human interaction that was out of this world, and I recently completed The Last of Us and…wow…just wow.dylinglight

With DLC for The Walking Dead already in stores, the popular State of Decay recently released, and the third installment of Dead Rising coming to next-gen consoles, we are up to our necks in zombies.

And then comes along Dying Light.

Dying Light immerses players into a world toppled by the zombie outbreak.  Players explore the decaying urban environment by day, scrounging for supplies and weapons to craft to better fight the horde of zombies lurking at every corner.  But at night, the zombies undergo a terrifying transformation that makes them quicker, stronger, and more aggressive.

Like EA’s wildly popular free-running adventure, Mirror’s Edge, the game offers the player a choice in gameplay – meaning either haul ass and run for your life or face some of your problems head on.

My initial thoughts upon viewing the footage from Dying Light were positive.  Of course with any next-gen game the environments are sure to be stunning and of course, they were indeed nothing less than stunning.

I lit up at the free running aspect, and dodging zombies instead of constantly blowing their heads off felt like it would be a nice change of pace.

The combat, however, completely lost me.  The only word I can really use to describe it was that it looked…choppy.  At times it didn’t even look like the player character even made contact with a zombie, yet nonethless you hear machete connect with brain and the zombie just had a very bad day.

Another thing that bothered me was that when the player stops to take out a zombie or two, the other 30 zombies around you just stand there looking at you like they’re saying, “Oh well, Fred was just diagnosed with a congenital heart disease so he probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway.”  And the sad part is I’m not even close to exaggerating.

While the gameplay itself looks fun, the combat leaves a little to be desired.  Perhaps it’ll feel different when Dying Light comes to current and next-gen consoles in 2014.




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