John Russo Co-Creator of Night Of The Living Dead Plans Midnight Remake

Herner Klenthur

Cerina VincentWhen I think Night of the Living Dead I always think George Romero but that is not entirely fair to John Russo who wrote the screenplay. Russo also went on to do the screenplay for Return of the Living Dead which to this day is one of the greatest horror comedies ever conceived.

Today comes word that John Russo after doing a handful of Night of the Living Dead spin off concepts including Night of the Living Dead 3D will be remaking his 1982 film Midnight. Russo says in reference to remaking his own work;

“I want to remake this movie (MIDNIGHT) so I can do the things I couldn’t do thirty years ago”

Slated cast, according to the Kickstarter campaign, are Cerina Vincent, whose other credits include CABIN FEVER and THE WALKING DEAD TV SERIES, and the band GWAR, who will play a country band in a bar where a fight breaks out, midway through the film. “We are also working on getting Kurt Angle and also Tony Todd to appear in this film,” says Russo. Production is expected to begin towards the fall of 2013 and shooting is planned to take place in the state of West Virginia.

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