Linda Blair Using Her Own Voice in The Exorcist

Jason McDonald

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook how important seemingly minor details are.  It’s easy to look at a movie and say that it’s great, without recognizing the individual pieces that make it remarkable.  Whether it’s the lighting, music, or pacing there are numerous components that must blend together seamlessly in order to make a truly great film.

Take, for example, Linda Blair’s character in “The Exorcist.”  I’m sure most everyone can agree that Linda is great in the film, but one of her character’s defining elements is the deep and gruff voice that she takes on after becoming possessed.  That voice was, of course, provided by Mercedes McCambridge.

However, what if they hadn’t used a voice over for Linda’s possession and instead used her real voice?  How different would the film be then?  Check out the clip below which shows what the film would have been like had Linda used her own voice.  The video uses the actual audio recorded on the set during filming. For contrast, it also shows the same scene right after with McCambridge’s voice.

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      1. bearmon2010 August 31, 2013 at 8:11 pm

        Did you know that it was true story (Whatever) and was about a boy? Yeah, a boy. This movie used the girl instead for some reasons.