Lost Planet 3 Will Have a Pacific Rim Tie-In

Jason McDonald

A movie like “Pacific Rim” would seem like the easiest movie in the world to translate into a video game tie-in. Unfortunately, things often seem easier than they actually are and the “Pacific Rim” game that we got wasn’t all that great.  However, if we’re lucky, it might not be the only game featuring Jaegers we see this summer.

Siliconera has stumbled upon an article written in the Anime Anime Report which reveals that Capcom is teaming up with Guillermo del Toro for some sort of “Pacific Rim” tie-in for “Lost Planet 3.”  So far it appears that this tie-in will be localized in Japan only, but it’s possible it could come to other regions.

The collaboration makes a whole lot of sense from a creative and financial standpoint.  “Pacific Rim” is opening up in Japan on August 9th and “Lost Planet 3” will be released on August 20th, if the movie is a hit in Japan it’ll allow Capcom to capitalize on that momentum.  The properties also share a base similarity in that they both feature big monsters and mechs.

So what sort of tie-in will it be?  The details haven’t been revealed yet, but I would imagine that it would have to be one of the following: A “Pacific Rim” Jaeger skin for your “Lost Planet 3” mech, a mini-Kaiju boss fight, or a Jaeger pilot skin for your character.  Those seem like the simplest options to quickly input into the game at this point.

“Lost Planet 3” will hit PS3, Xbox 360, and PCs on August 27th here in the states.

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