Notch Built a Zombie Game in 7 Days

Jason McDonald

Minecraft creator and all around interesting guy, Notch, participated in a recent Game Jam for first-person-shooters.  In a Game Jam, people are tasked with creating a functioning videogame within seven days.  Obviously these aren’t going to be high-end games, but it’s amazing to see what sort of creativity is inspired in people when they’re placed on strict time-limits.

Take, for example, Notch’s entry “Shambles.”  It’s a first-person-shooter with zombies done in a retro early-90s style.  Think like Doom or Duke Nukeum.  It’s pretty straightforward and simple, but it’s so easy to jump into and play.  It’s oddly addictive.  You can try it out for free right here.  Try to beat my abysmal high score of 30.  To check out some of the other entries into the game jam, be sure to check the official site.  While I had fun with “Shambles”, Notch’s entry is rather plain when compared to some of the insane concepts people have come up with.


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