Official Poster & Trailer for Anna: Scream Queen Killer

Chris Savage

From the folks over at Chemical Burn Entertainment comes Aquinas’ UK exploitation flick, Anna: Scream Queen Killer, and this one takes a look at an aspiring actress trying to make a name for herself and going to such lengths to secure the role, but how far will she go?

Well, Melanie Denholme, who plays Anna in the film is one tough freakin’ cookie and she can only take so much before she cracks and unleashes utter hell! Below we have scored the official trailer and poster for the film, so, if you like what you see, make your way over to their official website and grab yourself a copy.

SynopsisThe ultimate in actress exploitation, Scream Queen Killer takes you on a journey into the world of indie grindhouse film auditions with a mind bending twist. Anna is a young actress desperate to make it in the movies. She is invited to a series of filmed auditions, playing out various scenarios on camera. The problem is, the director is a perverted psychopath with only one thing on his mind.

As Anna progresses through an ever more bizarre series of roles she slowly realizes that something is horribly wrong with this audition. Forced to strip and perform carnal acts in the name of the art, she eventually flips and takes matters into her own hands. A scenario many actresses may recognize in the industry, Scream Queen Killer is brutally realistic and superbly acted by Melanie Denholme (Lady of the Dark). How far is too far? And how far would you go to get the role?

Anna Scream Queen Killer

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