Over an Hour of Unseen Footage from The Night Flier


TheNightFlierToday a Youtube user “Dwight Renfield” posted over an hour of unseen footage from the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Night Flier. If you remember correctly “Dwight Renfield” is actually the mysterious pilot from the film.

The Night Flier is absolutely one of those films that is rarely mentioned but is a very solid and entertaining flick. Below you can check out all of that footage.

Synopsis: An unknown vampiric Cessna pilot is suspected of night murders at remote airfields. At the tabloid Inside View, longtime reporter Richard Dees (Miguel Ferrer) expresses disinterest, so eager newcomer Katherine Blair (Julie Entwisle) is instead given the story by editor Merton Morrison (Dan Monahan). Then there’s another murder, prompting Dees to reverse himself. He demands the story back and takes after the killer in his one private plane, tracking witnesses, gathering grue, and staging photos when the subject looks too dull. Blair is also on the trail, and the two newshounds are soon competing. Both are out for blood — and so is the night flier.

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      1. bob101910 August 15, 2013 at 9:02 pm

        Decided to give this movie a shot after seeing this article. It was better than I was expecting. The special effects were surprisingly good. Also surprising that it isn’t available on Netflix, DVD or Instant. It was easy to find on Youtube though.