Skinwalker Ranch Gets a Release Date


skinwalker_ranch_still_a_lDeep Studios has set its sights on releasing Devin McGinn’s supernatural thriller Skinwalker Ranch through its new domestic distribution arm both theatrically and on VOD on Oct. 30.

According to local legend, Skinwalker Ranch, located in northeast Utah, is allegedly the site of unexplainable, paranormal and UFO-related activities. In the film, which uses a found-footage style, a research team investigates the supernatural phenomena surrounding the disappearance of a cattle rancher’s 10-year-old son.

McGinn stars in the film and also makes his directorial debut. He also produced alongside Murphy Michaels and executive producer and Deep Studios founder Ken Bretschneider. The film was written by Adam Ohler and also stars Jon Gries, Kyle Davis, Erin Cahill, Matthew Rocheleau and Steve Berg.

Deep Studios will release the film day-and-date in theaters and VOD in more than 20 markets across the country including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Dallas and Houston, with a DVD to follow.

Source: THR

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      1. cheekysushi August 15, 2013 at 11:12 pm

        The whole crazy skin walker ranch thing is very real. Pick up George Knapp’s book about the time he spent on the ranch when it was a private farm… it’s now a VERY heavily guarded area like area 51 that some private billionaire with strong military ties bought up. Getting information on the place now is like pulling teeth, and trespassers will be shot… apparently it’s one of those lay line area’s that blurs the line between dimensions …. pretty cool shit. Check out Knapp’s book though, it’ll blow your mind.