Suspiria Remake Dead in the Water


SuspiriaFor a couple years we have heard about a couple Suspiria remakes. The most recent remake was going to be directed by Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green. Natalie Portman was even attached to star. But recently it has been very quiet on that front and today we found out why.

Green was doing an interview at Esquire the topic of remakes came up leading to the discussion of his involvement of the Suspiria reboot. “I’m just excited at the thought of making something elegant, and graphic, and classy at a point in the horror genre where everybody’s making films raw, and found-footage. I want something to contrast that, but anybody that’s interested in horror movies has no interest in that right now. At least, not with my involvement. But maybe someone else will do it.

He went on to say he had the entire idea for the movie in his head and he would be completely ready to go. Green also said it would be “very respectful to the original“. Not entirely sure what that means but at least he seems like a fan of the original. So, for now, it seems that the Suspiria remake is dead. But in Hollywood nothing is truly dead.


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