Universal Orlando Announces Havoc 2: Derailed

Jason McDonald

Reveal week for Universal Studios Orlando marches on with another original property maze announcement.  This time, it’s a sequel to an original maze that appeared some years ago.

“Havoc 2: Derailed” continues the story of the original “Havoc” attraction and takes places six weeks after.  In the original Havoc, an experimental super soldier program known as the “Dogs of War” broke free and nearly wiped out the residents of Shadow Creek.  At a great cost of life, they were able to neutralize the threat…for the time being.

Six weeks later and the masterminds behind Shadow Creek are trying to salvage the Dogs of War program.  This time they’ve taken the remaining experiments and are transporting them to a new location via a heavily secured military train.  Six minutes into the journey and all contact was lost.  That’s where you come in.

WARNING: In this all-new original house the train convoy has derailed and the bloodthirsty maniacs are loose.

Escaping them this time will be a hard feat…the “Dogs of War” return to HHN23 in this sequel house, Havoc 2: Derailed.

The idea sounds great in concept, and based on the twitter feed, it sounds like guests will have to wind their way through the train wreckage and narrow confines in order to escape the chaos. I can’t wait to see how they’re able to execute it and how the train wreck will actually look.

For more information on this and other mazes coming to Universal Orlando, be sure to visit their official page.

Havoc Derailed

Havoc 2 Havoc


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