Watch the Unusual Short “The Cub”


the-cub-still1To call this short by Riley Stearns unusual is probably an understatement. The Cub tells the story of a five-year-old girl, who reads at an eight-year-old’s level. Her middle class parents turn her over to a pack of wolves so that she will learn “strength, self-reliance, and cunning behavior.” The girl is timid at first, clutching to her father’s leg. But eventually, she womans up because like her dad says, “[wolves] can smell fear.” However after living with wolves for several years, it doesn’t turn out as they had hoped.

Stearns is currently working on his own feature film about the deprogramming of a cult member. However the expert performing the deprogramming doesn’t know if his parents are worse than the cult. We will definitely be keeping an eye on this guy.

Check out the short by heading over to VICE .


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      2. bearmon2010 August 17, 2013 at 9:49 pm

        Always the little girl and never the little boy.. What wrong with a boy ? Every movies are always about girls, jeez! Something to do with sex symbol and sex fantic when a girl grown into the lady. There is going to be nude, I bet. Stupid!