A Brain is For Eating The Zombie Book For Children

Herner Klenthur

Oh what a gem this one is. I am one of those people who thinks that mixing horror movies and children is a really bad mix but I can not deny that my kids play ‘kill the zombie’ everyday. Where as when I was a kid GI JOE was the cool thing to talk about now a days ZOMBIES are the pop culture icon even if you are only six years old.

Dan and Amelia Jacobs have written and illustrated a 40 page childrens book called ‘A Brain is for Eating’ that is probably ( ok definitely ) not something you should share with your kids but is something you should checkout yourself. Throw his bad boy on your coffee table when those annoying neighbors are over for drinks with your wife and rest assured they will not return.

It is available in an e-book as well as a special order coffee table book. Learn more and buy your copy here

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