Awesome Retro Poster for The New Family

Chris Savage

The eighties, what a time, eh? That decade alone has inspired so many to create some excellent works, be it, music, art or film. The eighties are here to stay and I for one absolutely love this resurgence. So what have we got for you guys today? Well, details are unfortunately slim at this time, but if you love 80’s nostalgia, then this next film will be right up your alley.

Here we have a slasher film entitled The New Family, which is set in 1987. The film is written by Reece G. Donnell and Austin Hinderliter. At this time we have no word on a director or even the cast, but we’re told that the film is set to go into production in 2014.

So, in the meantime, we have scored this truly badass retro poster for the film, which was designed by Fangoria artist Marc Schoenbach. I freakin’ love it! If you love it too, then make your way over to their official website where you can purchase your copy of the poster.

SynopsisBlair Cassidy is beautiful and bored. The sleepy town of Murdoch offers nothing new to her, until the body of a young woman is found in the park. Two days later another body is found near the shores of Hollow’s Lake, both women discovered in compromising positions. Now the boring town of Murdoch has become a town of terror. When authorities release a connection to the victims, Blair is impregnated with sudden panic. Like her, the two women were with child. A killer stalks the streets, with a motive more terrifying than Blair or any woman could ever imagine.

The New Family Poster


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