Bad Milo Review


Every once in a while a movie comes along that creates a huge amount of buzz, not based on the stars in the film, or the fact that it is a sequel of a beloved franchise but on the sheer absurdity of the premise alone. Otto; or Up with Dead People, Black Sheep, Rubber and now Bad Milo.

Bad Milo is the story of Ken, played by Ken Marino, a financial account manager who is having a bad week. His wife is having problems getting pregnant, his boss (played by Patrick Warburton) has moved his office into the bathroom and embezzled the corporate savings plan, his overbearing mother is dating a man younger than Ken and to top it off, he has a demon living in his butt…

Yes, you read that right.

Under hypnosis, Ken begins to feel a bit, shall we say, rumbly in the tummy.

**I would like to stop here and talk a little about the time honored Fart Joke. As a comedian (which one escapes me as of this writing. Maybe someone will recognize the routine and let me know) once pointed out that farts are comedy from God. Placing one of the two main escape points of gas that builds up in the body, He placed it squarely between the two meatiest portions of the body to create the sound that we as guys (and some of you classier ladies out there) will always laugh at. A fart joke done right and with taste in the proper context can turn a boring moment into comedy gold (yes, they can be tasteful. See Dumb and Dumber, Austin Powers etc…). A poorly timed fart joke, or one in a movie whose sole premise is of fart jokes and tasteless humor is the sign of a bad comedy, a poorly written comedy and a desperate for laughs comedy. Bad Milo’s running fart and fecal humor runs the prior, tasteful and actually furthering the story**

It seems that Milo, as Ken comes to call the little thing, wants Ken all to itself and sets out to kill anyone that stands in the way of it and Ken.

First and foremost, understand that Bad Milo is not a flat out horror movie. It is a horror comedy in the style of a Judd Apatow comedy. You could almost have seen Vince Vaughn in the main role with the usual staple of Apatow actors in the supporting roles. That is not to say that Ken Marino doesn’t fit. In fact, Marino does a fantastic job at being believable in such an outrageous situation while keeping the comedy light and fun. His frantic, trampled on performance is perfect for the part of Ken, but it takes more than just a lead to create a world for the story to work in.

Patrick Warburton plays Phil, Ken’s slime-ball boss. Peter Storemare turns in a hysterical performance as Highmore, Ken’s therapist who is more interested in the creature and the situation than scared and Stephen Root (who is always funny) plays Ken’s stoner, looser father who just might know more about things than he is letting on.

The effects are what you would expect of them. It is a low budget film that features a puppet as the creature, yet what it lacks in realism adds to the humor of the situation. There is little gore, mainly just blood splattered on the walls and floor in the aftermath of the violence, but that is not what this movie is going for.

Think of Ghoulies done right, Gremlins with the absurdity levels cranked up, or maybe Pineapple Express featuring a butt-demon.

Bad Milo is a fun little romp that will keep you laughing, but a word of advice, make sure you have the *ahem* right frame of mind going in.

4 / 5 stars     

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      1. Michelle September 20, 2013 at 4:40 am

        Awesome!!! I know what you mean, *ahem*, I will be sure to prepare myself for my first viewing 😉 I can’t wait to see this! This movie looks like a lot of fun, I like a little horror with my comedy.