Blumhouse Productions Launches Incarnate with Aaron Eckhart

Jason McDonald

When your films are making money hand-over-fist, there’s no time to slow down.  Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions have announced that they are putting a new horror film into production this November.

“Incarnate” is to be directed by Brad Peyton (“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”) based on a script from Ronnie Christensen (“Dark Tide”).  They’ve also announced that Aaron Eckhart will take on the lead role.  Deadline broke the news of the announcement and also revealed a bit of the film’s plot:

An unconventional exorcist who can tap into the subconscious of the possessed meets his match when a 9-year-old boy is possessed by a demon from his past.

Blumhouse Productions seems to be on a roll as of late, so it’s hard to second-guess any of their decisions, but I find the creative talent behind this project to be rather odd choices.  Peyton, aside from a recent TV series, seems to deal with a lot of children’s movies.  I’m not saying he can’t handle a horror movie, but he doesn’t seem like the go to guy for a new horror franchise. I sincerely hope he is though, this genre could always use fresh blood.

Then there’s the writer, Ronnie Christensen, who has written his fair share of thrillers and supernatural films. However, none of them have managed to make any sort of impact with the critics.  But if Blumhouse is eyeing this for a potential franchise starter, they must see some potential in it.  The premise alone is compelling enough to catch my interest.  Plus, with Blumhouse’s mico-budget strategy, they face very little risk and a whole lot of gain by running with a new property.

I think that the most exciting part of this news is that Aaron Eckhart might finally have a franchise that he can star in.  I’ve always thought the guy was a strong and exceptional actor.  He just seems to either pick a lot of low-profile movies or ones that just aren’t very good.  Perhaps the horror genre will, like it did for Blumhouse alum Patrick Wilson, inject new life into his career and raise his profile a bit in Hollywood.

Ultimately, I’m all for a new horror movie property.  I may have initial concerns about this project, but I’m eager to see what comes out of the development.

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      1. Rafizan September 19, 2013 at 7:56 am

        And don’t forget Ethan Hawke. His career sure has gone up, up and away after a string of horror movies.