Eliza Graves Debuts New Poster

Jason McDonald

It’s been sometime since we last heard about Brad Anderson’s “Eliza Graves.” While it’s to be expected since the film isn’t due out till next year, it’s always nice to know what Brad Anderson is up to these days.

There’s still no word on an official release date, but we’ve got our first look at the cast of the film in the new poster which you can view below.  The poster carries the ominous tagline of “No one is what they seem” and juxtaposes the star of the film, Kate Beckinsale, with two versions of herself.  It’s a pretty apt representation of what’s sure to be an interesting psychological thriller.

The film, which is based on the Edgar Allen Poe novel “The System Of Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether”, is a turn of the century thriller about a young doctor who comes to apprentice at a remote mental institution. There he meets a beautiful patient, with whom he falls in love with under circumstances which may be much more complicated than they seem.

Director Brad Anderson recently worked on “The Call”, which was a hit for TriStar and a well made thriller, but is probably best known for his film “Session 9.”  He’s definitely a director to watch out for, so I’m eagerly anticipating how this film will turn out.  The film stars  Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley, and Michael Caine.

eliza-gravesSource: Arrow in the Head

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      1. kXnPunk September 10, 2013 at 6:31 am

        Oh man, what a BADASS as H3LL cast. AweFREAKINGsome truely. That’ll surely ROCK!!! Yay!!! 😀