Experience Jaws in Text Adventure Format

Jason McDonald

There have been a few attempts to bring Jaws into the realm of video games and none of them have been particularly well received.  Is the idea of turning “Jaws” into a video game an inherently flawed one? Playing as a killer shark sounds like a cool idea, so why hasn’t it worked?

Perhaps previous developers didn’t realize that the essence of Jaws could only be truly captured in one format: text adventure.  Think about it.  One of the most defining elements of Steven Spielberg’s movie is that the shark is rarely seen.  In a text adventure game you only see still frames and, if you’re lucky, one of them might be a shark.  It’s the most perfect adaptation of the film yet.

You can check out “Jaws: The Text Adventure” right here.  The game is developed by Matt Round for UsVsTh3m.  Check it out, it won’t take long and it has a few good laughs in it.

Jaws Text Adventure


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