First Clip From Skinwalker Ranch

Jason McDonald

Deep Studios has finally released the first look at Skinwalker Ranch.  The clip, which you can view below, seems to be from a birthday party gone horribly wrong.

Skinwalker Ranch is a film that interests me because the subject matter is such a strange one.  I first learned about the ranch after ducking into a bookstore that was about to close down.  As I was sifting through piles of discounted books, I came across “Skinwalker Ranch.” The name alone caught my interest and for only a dollar, how could I say no?

The book detailed a mysterious, but real, ranch that seemed to be the linchpin for countless paranormal and otherworldly activities.  A group of researchers went down to investigate the ranch and they experienced some wild and unexplainable things.  These men came from scientific backgrounds though, so their initial thoughts weren’t about ghosts and monsters, but they did get into some weird theoretical sciences to try and explain what was happening at the ranch.

It was an interesting read and I can see how it would make for a good movie, but I’m interested in seeing how they deal with the wide range of paranormal occurrences.  We’re talking everything from ghostly activity to UFOs and strange creatures in the woods.  It’s a lot to show in a movie without it feeling over the top.

In 2010 Skinwalker Ranch gained media attention after experiencing a wide range of unexplained phenomena. Reports ranged from UFO sightings to livestock mutilation, but maybe most notable was the disappearance of ranch owner Hoyt Miller’s eight year old son, Cody on November 11, 2010. Close to a year later, Modern Defense Enterprises (MDE) has sent a team of experts to document and investigate the mysterious occurrences, which only escalate upon their arrival…

The film is due out on October 30th, 2013 in select theaters across the nation.

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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      1. Jeff Carson September 18, 2013 at 3:42 pm

        The synopsis sounded good then I see its another found footage flick. “sigh”