New Gameplay Trailer for The Evil Within

Jason McDonald

The latest trailer for “The Evil Within” features a few monsters, a lot of dead people, and a heavy dose of nostalgia.  I’m not sure if it’s simply the fact that I know Shinji Mikami is behind this, but the whole trailer just has a classic survival horror feel about it.

For those that might not know, Mikami was one of the founding fathers of the survival horror genre.  He essentially created the Resident Evil series and games like Dino Crisis.  After releasing Resident Evil 4, Mikami left the horror genre and set out to explore other types of games. Since then, the horror genre has really took off in a lot of directions and has evolved thanks to the rise of the indie market on the PC.

Now, for the first time, Mikami is returning to the genre he helped shaped with “The Evil Within.”  The question is, will this game be derivative of his other works? Or will it help redefine the genre once again? It’ll be some time before we actually find out, the game still has a tentative release date of 2014.  However, as long as we keep getting trailers like this, the wait won’t be so agonizing.

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      1. Rafizan September 19, 2013 at 10:31 am

        Looks gorgeous. Then again, these are stuff gonna give me nightmares….