New Teaser for Chucky Slash & Dash Game


chuck-slash-and-dash-stillAwhile back there were plans to make what looked like an awesome Chucky video game. Unfortunately the funding did not come through and they had to abandon the project. Today however an announcement was made that a new game, Chucky Slash & Dash, will be coming to your ios and android devices from Slimstown Studios.

The bad news however is that this will be an “endless runner”. If you don’t know what that means check out Temple Run. So thats a bit of let down considering how much fun you could have playing Chucky. No word on a release date but they have released a teaser.

Below are also a couple bullet points that they released about the game.

  • Rampage Through the Good Guys Doll Factory: Unleash your own brand of murderous mayhem in the very place where everyone’s favorite killer doll was created on an assembly line from a mass of melted plastic.
  • Butcher Enemies with Special Moves: Become an unrelenting killer and slay anyone in your path.  Unlock new kill moves, such as the flying corkscrew.
  • Slaughter with Sharp Blades: Upgrade your collection of edged weapons, such as knives, scissors, cleavers, and hatchets. Upgrades increase the experience points per kill or the attack speed for each weapon.
  • Power Up With Batteries: Batteries can also be spent to improve power-ups, such as the battery magnet and auto run, as well as used to buy boosts like extra lives or long starts.

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      1. Maaz September 3, 2013 at 12:06 pm

        This looks lame