Official Trailer & Poster for I Am Zozo

Chris Savage

It looks as if that Ouija board is up to its old tricks again and set to unleash more demons as Scott Di Lalla’s I Am Zozo, has unleashed the official trailer and we have that sucker below courtesy of the folks over at B-D.

We have also scored the official poster for you guys to scope out too.

The film stars Kelly McLaren, Courtney Foxworthy, Demetrius Sager, Caleb DeBattista, Caleb Courtney, and Darren Wayne Evans.

SynopsisOn Halloween night, five teens decide to liven up their party with some innocent fun: by summoning the spirits. At first, it’s all nervous laughter and scoffing. Then, the night takes a sinister turn: the board reveals truths, exposes secrets it cannot possibly know, and triggers inexplicable events within the darkened house. As the session continues, an entity reveals itself: Zozo. And as the terrified teens are about to discover, once you make contact with this ancient, demonic force, you’re no longer playing a game… the game is playing you. A pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller based on multiple reports of spirit board encounters with this savagely malicious spirit.

Look for this one on VOD and DVD this November 19th.

I Am Zozo Poster

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      1. Kyoko September 16, 2013 at 4:57 am

        I am ZoZo is already out, I saw it about 12 weeks ago. As far as budget free, filmed in a weekend, student films go it’s actually pretty good.