Run For Your Lives Photo Report

Jason McDonald

Everyone knows that the number one rule of the zombie apocalypse is cardio.  When the world inevitably succumbs to a nightmarish scenario and the highways and byways are congested with the dead, the only way you’re going to get around is by hoofing it.

So it only makes sense that we, as a community, have an event that prepares us for the impending fall of mankind.  “Run For Your Lives” is a 5k run that holds races all across the nation and throughout the year.  The race goes beyond a simple jaunt through the countryside, though, as it takes you over rough terrain, painful obstacles, and hordes of zombies.

The main objective of “Run For Your Lives” isn’t simply to finish the race, but to survive. Runners are given a belt with three flags at the start of a race.  As they navigate steep hills and muddy roads, they are pursued by zombies who will try and steal those flags away.  Lose all three and you’re dead.  You can still finish the race, but only people who finish with a flag still intact receive a special medal.

This isn’t a run for the faint of heart.  You’ll have to crawl under barb wire and through the mud, scale walls, wade through bloody water, and shimmy under wires that’ll give you quite a shock if you touch them.  I had the joy of taking one jolt to my ribs, I swear I can still feel it tingling.  Don’t let that scare you away though, it’s an immensely fun experience and you can avoid any obstacle that you feel is too much for you.

Entry for the event might seem a bit steep as tickets can run you into the $70 territory, however, there is value to be had.  Along with the usual 5k goodies, like a shirt and medals for both winners and losers, the ticket gets you into a pretty vibrant party filled with sweaty runners and costumed deviants.  There’s also the carrot-on-the-stick of getting a free beer after your run.  To top it all off, you can hang around for a music filled after party.  Personally, I decided to check-out after the run because I needed to shower immediately.  I’m looking at my pile of mud-caked clothes and I don’t envy the washing machine they’re about to enter.

Below is a collection of photos we took from the event, check them out and enjoy! The run we took part in was located in San Bernardino, California.  To learn more about the “Run For Your Lives” race, be sure to visit their official website.

Photographs by Carmen Zapata

This was the entrance to the event. It’s hard to tell from this shot, but it was a packed event with
runners streaming in all day. We got there when the line was at it’s shortest and it still
took a half hour to get in.

People who managed to keep a flag got special medals which labeled them as “survivors.” Of course writers at Horror-Movies.ca are cut from a special cloth and yours truly was able to escape with his life.

One of the first mud pits you have to go through. Others had barb wire strewn across them.

Probably the easiest of the physical obstacles to overcome. The wooden walls that you had to
climb over were definitely the hardest. Pull ups were never my speciality.

Of course, every good zombie event has some sort of costume contest. These were the
participants who entered. My favorite was the rastafarian Urkel next to the ninja.

This Rick and Carl duo were a fan favorite though. Carl was pretty dead on.

The Lollipop Chainsaw and Peach cosplay garnered some cheers though.

Apparently Mario signed up for the “Junior” fertility program.

Carl and Rick won, of course, but they actually weren’t together. They were just accidentally
lumped together. Rick was kind enough to let Carl take the prize though.

These guys showed up a few minutes too late, but I think they could’ve had a shot at winning.

One of the many steep vertical climbs runners had to endure.

The biggest challenge facing runners were the zombies. Some areas were sparsely populated,
but towards the end the crowd became thicker.

This was one of my favorite runners. Here’s his victory stance after taking a tumble over the

Back on his feet, he raced up the hill only to find himself dangerously close to the edge again.

And with a slip of the foot, he took another dive down the hill.

After which he decided it was best to just bypass the hill altogether.



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      1. Jenn September 30, 2013 at 11:26 pm

        Was a chaser last year, doing it again this year. I am not ashamed to go for the cheaters too – wear your flag right in front of your junk and we’re both going to get a cheap thrill. 😀

      2. Mike New October 1, 2013 at 6:48 am

        LOL that is awesome! Where is that at?