Sleepy Hollow Gets a True Blood Vet and More

Jason McDonald

This is a fair warning.  If you didn’t see the premiere of “Sleepy Hollow” and you want to avoid spoilers, you should stop reading this article.  The same goes for anyone who wants to remain in the dark about potential surprises.

Okay, last warning. Spoilers ahead.

With the premiere of “Sleepy Hollow” on Monday, viewers got a small taste of the things to come during the shows freshman season.  And, as you can probably guess, Ichabod Crane has some troubling times ahead of him.

TVLine has learned that one of the individuals looking to stir things up in Crane’s life is “True Blood” star James Frain. Frain has signed on to appear in multiple episodes as a character named “Rutledge, a modern-day nobleman who will interrogate Ichabod, who is being passed off as a “visiting Oxford professor,” about his past. What’s more, Rutledge harbors a secret that could affect Ichabod’s future.”

And while Ichabod will be facing new threats, there may still be life in an opponent that was seemingly dealt with in the premiere.  If you were disappointed that John Cho’s appearance boiled down to a quick and brutal death, don’t fret, TVLine’s Michael Ausiello has some inside knowledge that might smooth you over. “Though he very much died in the premiere, we have by no means seen the last of John Cho’s Andy.”

Well, in a world plagued with demons and witches, I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Andy could still be out there.  In what form, though, remains to be seen.  Perhaps we’ll learn something on next weeks episode.  “Sleepy Hollow” airs on Monday at 9pm Pacific.

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