31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies: Week Four Recap


Every month of October for a few years now I have committed myself to watching at least one horror movie every day in preparation for Halloween. Just yesterday I posted my week three viewings because of a huge time crunch I was under. Now today I’ll have week four and a little later tonight I’ll post the full recap and round out the month.

As with the last couple entries again I will say this is not a top 10 list of horror movies you should watch. This is simply a list of movies I watched this week leading up to Halloween. Some of the movies were fantastic but some of the others were far from it. So keep that in mind. Without further ado here is week four:

October 22nd: The Conjuring

Going into The Conjuring I had pretty high expectations. One, it is by director James Wan who has been doing a pretty damn good job recently. Two, it has been hyped as one of the spookiest films this year. I have to say I was not expecting this kind of movie.

A mini spoiler here.. It is not a haunted house film. Well partially it is but mostly it is about possession. I was really expecting to see a lot of the Annabelle doll but she doesn’t even really make that much of an appearance in the whole film. It’s actually a music box that takes center stage. Decent film, but I was just not as impressed as everyone else is.

The Conjuring Will Haunt Blu-ray & DVD This October

October 23rd: The Haunting of Hell House (1999)

I watched this on a complete whim. I was browsing Netflix’s list of “Halloween Favorites” and this was fairly well rated. So this one was completely new to me and I had not heard much talk about it.

Another period piece film that was produced by the main man Roger Corman. I have to say this was a pretty damn good movie. The ending is a little heart wrenching but overall not bad. It is a little slow though and there aren’t really any “kills”. Just a nice little haunting film.


October 24th: From Beyond

This is yet another classic that I never got around to seeing. Sacrilegious I know. Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs always pull out all the stops especially when it comes to Lovecraftian themes and there are plenty here. Not to mention we got Barbara Crampton and Ken Foree in the mix as well.

The first half of this movie is really bad ass and then it takes a really strange turn. Basically they open our world up to another that co-exists with ours. In this other world creatures are dangerous and extremely jacked up looking. Towards the end it really starts to get strange but it definitely holds up. Plus, Barbara Crampton in a dominatrix suit? Yes please.


October 25th: All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

The Weinsteins played around with the movie for a couple of years before selling it off and then ultimately buying it back. This movie bounced around for 6 years before finally being released earlier this year officially. What I noticed is that even in what seems like a relatively short period of time, teens would definitely already see it as out of touch.

But as someone who doesn’t care about that kind of thing it was mildly enjoyable. I had really lost interest in even seeing it after all this time but it still has some redeeming qualities to it. It does some cliché things, in a not so cliché manner if that makes any sense at all. Worth watching.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane Photo 1

October 26th: Rites of Spring

Rites of Spring I really only watched because I loved the poster they used for it on Netflix. It was a cool throwback to the 70s featuring a woman tied up on a stake in a cornfield. It looked like it was worth watching.

It begins like two different movies that collide about half way in. One is a kidnapping thriller and the other is a backwoods slasher. The beginning is a little slow but once they collide we can finally see the real mayhem unfold. The masked killer in this was pretty damn cool looking and I wouldn’t mind seeing him back again. The only problem I had with this movie is that it seemed like they killed off the only redeeming characters which is a shame.

Rites of Spring Photo 2

October 27th: Deadly Blessing

An old Wes Craven film that I had actually mixed up with his other “Deadly” film, Deadly Friend. We’ll get to that one later. This film though was not bad and oddly enough did not really feel like a Wes Craven film. It was devoid of the usual humor he likes to inject and was pretty straight down the line.

A bunch of Mennonites are getting pretty territorial with a neighbor when one of their own dies. More deaths and some interesting events unfold to conclude with a pretty odd ending. I’m not sure if it was always intended to end that way or not but it’s not what you would expect. He did a good job of not showing his hand in this one.

Sharon Stone Deadly Blessings

October 28th: Deadly Friend

I’ve probably never mentioned this before but, I’m not really a big fan of Wes Craven as a director. He is one seriously intelligent guy but his non-NOES films have never impressed me much. However I have always been interested in Deadly Friend with Kristy Swanson, I just never found the time to watch it.

This is definitely more of a Wes Craven film with his usual humor and themes that I am familiar with seeing in his work. A genius kid brings his best friend back to life by giving her a robot brain in the hopes that she will retain some of her original personality. Kind of tragic, but a really great movie. I have to say I think this is my favorite Wes Craven film to date.


Well that was everything I watched in week four of my movie marathon. Later tonight I will post the final recap with the last three movies I watched up to Halloween. It shouldn’t be too hard to guess what they are if you have been following my commentary on this site for long. While you are waiting go ahead and check the previous weeks one, two and three.

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