Haley Joel Osment is back in Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’

Ryan Sternfels

haley-joel-osmentWhat happened to The Sixth Sense star Haley Joel Osment?  He was a cute little kid then quickly became a shaggy, pot-smoking twenty-something with a police record for drunk driving.  I guess that’s better than how Edward Furlong turned out.

In the meantime the actor’s been paying the bills, for what we imagine is a Jason Segel style man cave complete with jerk-off station and Rush memorabilia, by starring in some indie films and voicing the player-controlled protagonist Sora in the ever-popular Square Enix and Disney game series Kingdom Hearts.  Well it seems Mr. Osment is making a comeback onto the big screen with Clerks and Red State director Kevin Smith‘s comedic horror/monster movie, Tusk.

Tusk follows Teddy (Osment) who’s friend and pod-cast cohost (played by Justin Long) goes missing in the backwoods of Canada.  Teddy teams up with his friend’s girlfriend (played by Genesis Rodriguez) to find him.

Other reports suggest veteran actor Michael Parks (We Are What We Are) is set to play the villain, with Smith describing his initial plan for the film as being a “cuddly Human Centipede“.

The idea for the film spawned from a classified ad Smith saw about a man who was looking for a roommate.  But not just any roommate.  The man supposedly had been lost at sea for six months and his only friend was a walrus.  Naturally, he was looking for someone who would dress up in a homemade walrus outfit and make walrus sounds for a couple hours a day in exchange for free rent (which is actually a pretty sweet gig if you don’t mind sleeping in the same house as a psychopath).

Personally, I wasn’t a fan of The Human Centipede and if you can stand to watch it more than once more power to you.  We’re not sure how similar the two movies will be but Smith almost hints that it’ll be a satire, which might be genuinely funny.

Filming should begin either at the end of this month or the beginning of November.  What’s your take on Smith‘s new film?  Let us know in the comments!


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        If he’s still seeing dead people, I would suggest therapy.

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